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Shulkin Blog

The Hill

Remarks in Oval Office


Florida National University Key Note Address

Military Times

Federal Advisory Committee on Veterans' Employment, Training And Employer Outreach

Government Matters


Washington Post

Testimony before House Veterans Affairs


Federal News Network

Task & Purpose


Stars & Stripes


Stars & Stripes

Task & Purpose licy-veterans/

Defense One

Senate Testimony

HillVets Top 100 2016

NPR (Audio) Trump Nominates VA Undersecretary For Health To Head Department

American Legion heads to White House (video) 3:45

The Daily Wire 5 Things to Know about VA Secretary David Shulkin

Association of American Medical Colleges: Congress Works to Close FY 2017 Spending Bills as White House Proposes New Cuts

Association of American Medical Colleges: House VA Committee Examines Provider Recruitment:

Military Times Human resources problems causing hiring, retention headaches for VA

The Fresh Toast Will Trump’s VA Chief Support Medical Marijuana For Veterans?:

Topix Legion testifies on the dangers of VA staff shortages:

Healthline News Will Healthcare for Veterans Improve Under President Trump?:

U.S. House of Representatives Testimony on Healthy Hiring: Enabling VA to Recruit And Retain Quality Providers:

Washington Post David Shulkin tapped as Trump’s VA secretary:


Assorted Congressional testimony 2016:

C-SPAN Testimony before the Democratic National Platform Planning Committee 2:46:03

C-SPAN Testimony before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee 1:37:35

Testimony U.S. Senate on pending legislation (video) testimony)

Testimony U.S. Senate on Fiscal Year 2017 Budget for Veterans' Programs and Fiscal Year 2018 Advance Appropriations Request

Mother Jones on Commission on Care strawman

Popular Resistance Powerful Veterans Group Pushes Trump on Marijuana Rescheduling

CBS News Report: VA Spent Millions on Costly Art

Medical Marijuana Inc: American Legion Urges Trump’s Transition Team to Reschedule Cannabis

Weed News Veterans Group Urges Donald Trump To Reschedule Marijuana:

VAntage Point Monitoring the success of MyVA: Advisory committee members meet in Pittsburgh:

Real Koch Facts Kochs’ Concerned Veterans for America Push For Privatization Over Objections Of Veteran Service Organizations

Advisory Board Ascension Health targets veterans with first-of-its-kind ad campaign:

Leafly American Legion Urges Trump Team to Reschedule Cannabis:

Hail Mary Jane American Legion Calls for Rescheduling Cannabis:

John Batchelor Show Friday 14 January 2016 / Hour 1, Block C:

Mint Press News American Legion Asks Congress To Reschedule Cannabis As Vets Continue To Suffer Under War On Drugs:

Marijuana Powerful Veterans Group Pushes Trump On Marijuana Rescheduling:

Fleet Reserve Association Sgt Shaft Blog:

Military Times Groups Oppose Plan to Steer More Vets to Private Health Care Providers:

Baltimore Sun Amid stubborn backlog, VA plans to outsource more disability exams:

MSNBC John McCain slams key veterans’ advocacy groups:

Washington Post American Legion: Pentagon officials ‘turned their backs’ on veterans to get around hiring them:

Federal Practitioner Senate, VA Agree—Veterans Choice Act Needs Fixing:

Stars and Stripes Senate votes to scale back federal job preferences for veterans:

The Hill Time running out for lawmakers to get behind America's vets:

Washington Post Veterans Resist Job-Preference Limits:

U.S. House of Representatives Testimony Protecting Veterans' Educational Choice Act of 2016:

The American Legion Centennial Committee Legion opposes permanent extension of Choice program:

Capitol Press Conference To Force Call To Action on Appeals Modernization:

Policy and Medicine Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing on VA-Established CME

Washington Times McCain a voice for veterans, but not always in harmony:

Stars and Stripes McCain and veterans groups aren't always on the same page:

Military The SITREP Veterans Groups Speak Up in Favor of Post-9/11 GI Bill Cuts:

Chicago Tribune Leading private-sector health system woos veterans in ads:

Missouri Business Alert Ascension Health targets veterans in new ad campaign:

Arizona Central VA scandal: 'Drastic' proposal stirs fears of privatizing veterans' care:

Minnesota Legion St. Cloud hears the good, bad, ugly:


C-SPAN Testimony before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee 1:10:05


Testimony U.S. House of Representatives on EXAMINING THE QUALITY AND COST OF VA HEALTH CARE

Testimony U.S. Senate on pending legislation

Military Times, New Survey on PTSD

Miller vs. McDonald: A clash of agendas and legacies for veterans

U.S. News and World Report VA Secretary Attempts to Change Culture, Combat Critics:

Bloomberg News (video) A $15 Billion Cure Can’t Fix Veterans’ Care at U.S. Agency:

American Military Retiree Association Legion visits VA to assess concerns:;jsessionid=gu6zy9+l7HNoAjJceorTEiJV.undefined

The Progress Index Isakson vows to ease 4- mile limit on VA ‘Choice Card’:

Boston Globe Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans:


C-SPAN Washington Journal: Efforts in Congress to address the health care crisis within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

C-SPAN Press Conference in U.S. Capitol 12:01 (picture)

C-SPAN Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Weekly update 10:05

Newsmax Legion's Celli: 'Trailblazer' Needed to Fix VA Problems (story)

NewsMax (Video)

Washington Free Beacon (Video)

Talk Back with Chuck Wilder (Audio transcript)

VOA: Ruling on Flag Burning Still Brings Strong Emotions

VOA Landmark US Flag Burning Case Marks 25th Anniversary:

VOA American Veterans: Culture Change Needed to Fix Broken Health Care System:

NY Times Latest News on V.A. Health Care Scandal:

Slate Less Hiring More Firing:

BBC News Congress announces deal on veterans affairs health fix:

CBA News (video) Congress is mulling VA changes, but what do veterans think?:

Military 1 Report: 60,000 veterans were 'triple dippers':

Christian Broadcasting Network (video) Proposal to Shrink Military Raises Red Flags: (video)

ILSTV Canada 6 biggest barriers facing small businesses:

Mentor Works Wouldn’t You Like to Know What Your Business is Worth, Right Now?:

New Orleans Times New report: New Orleans VA Regional Office made mistakes in 42 of 90 disability claims:

News Max American Legion: White House Twisted Our Words on VA Resignation:

Fleet Reserve Association Democrats Ready New Plan to Restore Military Pension Reduction:

Fox News (video) American Legion Official Rips Carney on VA Scandal: WH 'Spin' Was 'Disingenuous':

Military Times guest contributor, Bill to Authorize Firing VA Senior Execs:

American Health Line Are Talks About Privatizing the VA Health System Premature?:

Al Jazeera America VA health care and Eric Shinseki - Inside Story - Al-Jazeera America - May 15, 2014:

Politico Reforming the VA one step at a time:


Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives on pending legislation

C-SPAN Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives 1:59:25

U.S. Senate press conference (Video)


Fox News (video) Veterans fight changes to disability payments

PolitiFacts RNC says Wasserman Schultz voted to cut off veterans benefits:

World Net Daily IRS retreats from attack on veterans:

U.S. House of Representatives testimony on Reverse Auctions and Small Business:

End Times Headlines Now IRS Targets Veterans’ Group:

U.S. House of Representatives press conference HVAC and SVAC Leaders, VSOs Call for Extending Advance Funding of VA Programs (video)



USA Today Number of veterans in Congress continues to decline:

Tulsi Gabbard Congress's New Veteran Troop:

Tammy Duckworth NBC: Battle-hardened double amputee to prospective congressional foes: ‘Bring it:

American Legion Magazine End of fiscal year can be boon for small businesses:


American Legion Magazine Your veteran niche in a recovering economy:


Open Gov Welcoming Remarks at American Legion National Small Business Seminar:

Lawrence Eagle Tribune Grant helps resource center turn veterans into business owners:


Testimony before House Small Business Committee

American Legion Magazine Rediscover The Small-Business Formula:


Testimony U.S. Senate as Chairman of U.S. Small Business Administration on Veterans Affairs congressional record (testimony) Is The Veterans Corporation Prepared To Provide Entrepreneurial Development Assistance To Service Men And Women Returning From Iraq And Afghanistan?:

Testimony U.S. Senate as Chairman of U.S. Small Business Administration on Veterans Affairs congressional record Federal Procurement

Mann Publishing Group Building Small Business Credit, Technical Editor:

U.S. House of Representatives Testimony on Veterans Entrepreneurship and Self Employment:

Boston Globe Help for the self-employed soldiers:

Forbes The Next War: Ex-Soldiers Try To Set Up Shop:


U.S. House of Representatives Testimony on Veterans Entrepreneurship: